Featured Review Article Effect of bisphosphonates on orthodontic tooth movement in osteoporotic patients: A review

Journal of the World Federation of Orthodontists


Due to the lack of scientific evidence, OTM in patients exposed to BPs is still unpredictable, and risk stratification should be performed.
Altered bone metabolism and the higher risk of potential side effects should be considered in treatment planning, especially in extraction cases or high-risk patients.
Longer treatment duration, decelerated OTM and, incomplete space closure in patients with initial spacing or extraction, and poor root parallelism should be expected.



This review discusses the side effects of bisphosphonates (BPs) in orthodontic tooth movement (OTM) with the main focus on suggesting key aspects for the clinical management of patients with osteoporosis by orthodontists.


Studies were selected through a search of the PubMed electronic database. The keywords used for the search were BPs, tooth movement, orthodontics, osteoporosis, and bone remodeling. The search was restricted to English-language articles published between 2001 and 2017.


This article provides updated information about the mechanism of action of BPs; their effects on bone metabolism, particularly with regard to OTM; oral radiographic considerations in the osteoporotic patient; and the potential use of bone turnover biomarkers from oral fluid as predictors of bone remodeling and key aspects for the clinical management of patients with osteoporosis by orthodontists and dentists.


The interactions of BPs and oral/maxillofacial tissues with a high bone turnover rate such as maxilla or jaws can influence the success rate of dental procedures that involve bones around the teeth, such as extractions, periodontal surgery, and OTM.
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CS 3600 Intraoral Scanner Certified for Use with Dental Wings’ Software Solutions

ATLANTA—Carestream Dental is pleased to announce that the CS 3600 intraoral scanner has been certified by Dental Wings for use with its Dental Wings Open System (DWOS), DWOS Chairside CAD Software and coDiagnostiX Implant Planning Software.
"This official certification of the CS 3600 for use with Dental Wings DWOS, DWOS Chairside Design Software and coDiagnostiX Implant Planning Software makes Carestream Dental one of the premiere partners of choice for premium digital impressions” said Marianne Belcari, global product line manager for CS Solutions, Carestream Dental, said. “The fully open system capabilities of these softwares are a complement to our open-architecture CS 3600 intraoral scanner, which allows doctors to use the CAD/CAM design software of their choice.”
As an open-architecture system, the CS 3600 can be customized based on its users’ preferred workflows. Scans obtained by the CS 3600 can be exported as .STL files and imported into the DWOS or DWOS Chairside Design Software, providing CS 3600 users and dental laboratories with new options for their digital design workflow, including crown and bridge, implant and denture planning, as well as guided surgery planning, splint design and orthodontic archiving.  
The high-speed, continuous scanning capabilities of the CS 3600 allow users to acquire scans quickly and easily while capturing impressions in a smooth, uninterrupted manner. The scanner’s intelligent scanning algorithms make it easy to go back and fill in any missing information in the data set. Three dedicated workflows—restorative, implant-borne restorative and orthodontic—minimize the amount of time scanning and help keep users on task Plus, full HD 3D color digital impressions provide more vivid color and texture for better communication with labs, patients and referrals.
For more information on Dental Wings and its DWOS, DWOS Chairside Design Software and coDiagnostiX Implant Planning Software, please visit www.dentalwings.com. For more information on Carestream Dental’s innovative solutions or to request a product demonstration, call 800.944.6365 or visit carestreamdental.com.
About Carestream Dental

Carestream Dental provides industry-leading dental digital product lines and services, including imaging equipment, CAD/CAM systems, software and practice management solutions, for dental and oral health professionals. With more than 100 years of industry experience, Carestream Dental technology captures two billion images annually and aids in more precise diagnoses, improved workflows and superior patient care. For more information or to contact a Carestream Dental representative, please call 800.944.6365 or visit carestreamdental.com.

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Injectable platelet rich fibrin: cell content, morphological, and protein characterization

Original Article

First Online: 12 July 2018



The aim of the present study was to evaluate the blood cell content, morphological aspects, gene expression of type I collagen, and release of growth factors on an injectable platelet rich fibrin (i-PRF).

Materials and methods

Blood samples were collected from 15 volunteers to prepare i-PRF samples. Peripheral blood was used as a control group. Blood clot and i-PRF samples were cultured for 10 days. The supernatant of the samples was collected for ELISA immunoassay quantification of PDGF and VEGF growth factors over periods of 1, 8, 24, 72, and 240 h. I-PRF and blood clot samples were biologically characterized using histological and immunohistochemistry analysis for IL-10, osteocalcin, and TGF-β. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) was used to inspect the fibrin network and distribution of blood platelets and leukocytes. Reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) method was used to evaluate gene expression for type I collagen.


A higher concentration of platelets and lymphocytes was recorded in i-PRF than in peripheral blood (p < 0.05). The release of VEGF was higher in blood clot samples (1933 ± 704) than that for i-PRF (852 ± 376; p < 0.001). Immunohistochemistry showed upregulation of TGF-B, IL-10, and osteocalcin in the i-PRF group. RT-PCR showed increased type I collagen gene expression in i-PRF (p < 0.05). SEM images revealed agglomeration of platelets in some regions, while a fibrin networking was noticeable in the entire i-PRF sample.


Injectable platelet rich fibrin becomes a good approach for soft and mineralized tissue healing considering the formation of a three-dimensional fibrin network embedding platelets, leukocytes, type I collagen, osteocalcin, and growth factors. Indeed, the injectable platelet rich fibrin can be indicated in several medical applications regarding bioactivity, simplied technique, and flowable mixing with other biomaterials.

Clinical relevance

Morphological, cell, and protein characterization of platelet rich fibrin provides a better understanding of the clinical effects and improvement of clinical guidelines for several medical applications. Once well physicochemical and biologically characterized, the use of an injectable platelet rich fibrin can be extended to other applications in the field of orthopedics, periodontics, and implant dentistry on the repairing process of both soft and mineralized tissues.
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VIP registration selling out for Dentsply Sirona World 2018

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (July 9, 2018) – Dentsply Sirona World is heading back to the Sunshine state and it will be the HOTTEST event yet! And for those seeking the full red-carpet experience, VIP registration is still available, but tickets are extremely limited.
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    Dentsply Sirona World, hosted at the Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, Florida, from Sept. 13-15, offers an experience like no other in dentistry! Combining quality educational and clinical content with spectacular entertainment, this event is widely recognized as one of the largest, most comprehensive events in dentistry.
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Dentsply Sirona is the world’s largest manufacturer of professional dental products and technologies, with a 130-year history of innovation and service to the dental industry and patients worldwide. Dentsply Sirona develops, manufactures, and markets a comprehensive solutions offering including dental and oral health products as well as other consumable medical devices under a strong portfolio of world class brands. As
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MouthWatch Launches “Teledentistry Innovation Awards” to Recognize Innovators and Pioneers of Connected and Collaborative Dental Care

Metuchen, NJ – July 9th, 2018 – MouthWatch, LLC a leader in innovative teledentistry solutions, digital case presentation tools and intraoral imaging devices, is launching the Teledentistry Innovation Awards. The purpose of the “Tellie” Awards is twofold:
1)    Highlight the many ways that teledentistry is being implemented across a broad spectrum of dental care including public health and private practice settings.
2)    Recognize individual, forward-thinking dental providers who are realizing the full potential for connected dental care technology and reshaping the practice of dentistry and the state of oral health globally.
According to MouthWatch CEO and Founder, Brant Herman, “Teledentistry is rapidly expanding in virtually every dental environment; rural settings. urban areas, private practices, and public health programs. It is being utilized by dentists, hygienists, specialists and medical care providers. Our goal is to shine a light on those teledentistry innovators and pioneers who are leading the way and proving by example that teledentistry technology can enhance dentistry, reach more patients, and improve oral health and overall health.” 
The Teledentistry Innovation Awards will be presented to winners in three main categories:
1)    Dentists / Specialists
2)    Dental Hygienists
3)    Oral Health Programs
Nominations are currently being accepted online at http://teledentistryinnovationawards.com/ and self-nominations are welcome. Winners of the hygiene category will be announced on August 2, 2018 at the RDH Under One Roof Meeting and the Dentist/Specialist and Oral Health Program categories will be announced during the upcoming Greater New York Dental Meeting.
About MouthWatch, LLC: 
Headquartered in Metuchen, New Jersey, MouthWatch, LLC is a leader in leader in innovative teledentistry solutions, digital case presentation tools and intraoral imaging devices. The company is dedicated to finding new ways to constantly improve the dental health experience for both patient and provider.
The founders and management team of MouthWatch have relevant backgrounds and successful track records in dentistry, consumer products and communications. Since 2012, this team has pioneered the integration of digital imagery and communications technology in the field of dentistry. Their cumulative experience makes it possible for the company to take the lead in introducing the benefits of telemedicine to the world of dentistry.
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