Voco’s New Cement Meron Plus AC

Resin-modified glass ionomer luting cement

As a radiopaque resin-modified glass ionomer luting cement, Meron Plus AC combines the advantages of a conventional glass ionomer luting cement with those of a resin-based cement. It offers easy handling, exceptional compressive strength, high bond strengths and is suited for the attachment of all types of restorations – even for cementation of root posts and orthodontic appliances.  Additionally, it is indicated for use with metal, ceramics and is especially well-suited for high strength zirconium oxide ceramics.
Meron Plus AC is thixotropic, has very good wettability and has a working time of approximately 2 minutes at room temperature.  Setting intraorally after 3 – 5 minutes, Meron Plus AC takes on a gel-like consistency around the 4 minute mark, which allows any excess material to be removed easily using a probe.
Meron Plus AC is now available in VOCO’s innovative and easy-to-use application capsule which eliminates the need for an activator. Simply place the colored base on a firm surface and activate by pushing down. The liquid piston is pressed into the capsule and the liquid is emptied into the powder chamber. This is followed by a 10-second trituration process in a capsule mixer and insertion into the applicator. Uniform application is ensured after raising the application tip.
VOCO America Inc.
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