World’s First 5 Megapixel Intra Oral Camera with Liquid Optics Lens Technology

The just released GoodDrs USA 5M is the World’s first 5 megapixel Intra Oral Dental Camera with a metal body and advanced Liquid Optic Lens technology. The 5 Mega Pixel CMOS camera provides incredible picture clarity and color. The first thing that strikes you when looking at this new, patent pending product is the elegant handpiece shaped design of the lightweight metal body. Designed by a dentist, and at just 2.2 ounces, the 5M is lighter than most plastic IO cameras. The durable metal body is comfortable to hold and use, just like your high or slow speed handpieces. The retraction shaped head allows for easy access and provides retraction for the cheek and tongue when needed. The slim head contains 12 adjustable LEDs that surround the lens to provide perfect, reflection free, shadow free lighting.
The 5M can focus from an extreme close up macro image, all the way out to infinity to capture Full Arch and Full Face images, eliminating the need for additional bulky and slow extra oral cameras. The Whicam 5M’s TRUE AutoFocus Liquid Optic Lens is truly amazing. GoodDr’s proprietary lens utilizes the latest in “liquid lens optics” technology. With just a press of one of the two conveniently located capture buttons, the TRUE AutoFocus “Liquid Lens” optics instantly reshapes and refocuses, just how our eyes work, to deliver stunning, crystal clear images anywhere in or outside of the mouth.
Unlike fixed focus optics or clumsy adjustable focus mechanisms which can wear out and break over time, our Liquid lens optics can reshape to adjust for depth-of-field and sharpness from any distance in just milliseconds without any mechanical movement. This is accomplished by applying a very minute amount of electricity to the True AutoFocus lens assembly. The lens, which is like a bag filled with an optically clear gel, slightly changes shape, and curve, much like the human eye. This happens so fast, that it is barely noticeable on screen. Many of the new smart phone HD cameras now use liquid optics. It has been predicted that the Liquid lens optics technology will soon be rendering older fixed focus cameras and those with mechanical adjustable focus mechanisms obsolete.
Another feature of the 5M’s ingenious design, is the built-in zoom and mouse function. Now you can operate your dental software without having to set down the camera, grab the mouse, or break contamination protocols. Use it like an air or gyro mouse to highlight, and annotate situations to present to your patients. The 5M allows the user to choose from three different color modes (warm/ standard/vivid) to capture more lifelike images on your screen, or to highlight various Perio issues the patient may have. The 5M even comes with free Windows-based imaging software.
Good Doctors USA, a Dental Imaging Solutions company located in Encino, California, has been distributing innovative dental products and private labeling for other well-known brands for over 20 years. Be sure to ask your local dealer about a free demo and pricing. For further information, please contact Good Doctors USA at 844-448-5050 or visit   Good Doctors USA, 17609 Ventura Blvd. #110 Encino, CA 91316.
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